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Tyler Hobbs, creator of Fidenza, and Dandelion Wist, Co-Founder of Archipelago, have teamed up to launch a generative art project called QQL. QQL is a project that is quite different than other generative art releases. In this project, Tyler and Dandelion focus on creating a user experience that is unique, one that allows anyone to create outputs using a set of tools to interact with the algorithm. The systems and parameters in place allow for 281 trillion different outputs. This project is largely focused on the theme of emergence, which Tyler describes in his interview with Hypemoon as, "the moment when the stars align, and the randomized elements in the program sync up in just the right way to create something truly new, unexpected, and captivating."

Why is QQL different?

In a typical generative algorithm, Tyler finds himself typically willing to examine upwards of a few thousand outputs and curate them down to the collection size of his choosing. It makes you question what else is out there in the infinite possibilities of such algorithm. What if we open-sourced the algorithm and let anyone co-curate the outputs? Dandelion, and the team at Archipelago, has enabled a collective of QQL-enthusiasts to produce upwards of 6M outputs in less than a week. The dynamics of the algorithm allow for cooperative creativity indefinitely. It challenges theories about what is possible in this infinite dimension of controlled randomness. I put an emphasis on the range of the algorithm when analyzing a body of work. Rare single outputs are great achievements but adding a personal touch to the curated collection goes unbeaten. Engrave your name into the blockchain and have your artwork live in the collection forever.

Drop Details

In order to turn an output from QQL into an NFT that will belong to the collection. You need to purchase 1 of the 900 mint passes for sale at 1 PM EST on 9/28. You can redeem 1 mint pass for 1 output that you create. The collection size is 999. The mint passes will be available through a dutch auction starting at 50ETH and will continue to drop to the resting price of 2ETH. The auction introduces a rebate mechanism which means that everyone will pay the final price of the auction. For example, if you bid 40 ETH and the final sale price of mint pass #900 is 20ETH, you can decide to buy two or receive a 20ETH refund. This process is trustless through the engineering of the smart contract. You can find the official auction details hosted by Archipelago here.

The Future of QQL

No Expiration Date

The mint passes will never expire. This means that one may create outputs for decades to come. Mint passes that get redeemed first will have lower token IDs. This will be an interesting experiment within itself. Minters that choose an output on the first day will receive a "first-day QQL minter" in the metadata for their artwork. This is a special achievement and these outputs may rise to become valued more over time.

Seed Marketplace

There has also been confirmation of a seed marketplace. Every output has a unique seed attached to it. This is defined by the Ethereum wallet address used to create the artwork. It ensures that no one will be able to re-create an identical output even if the settings are set that way. This will also offer a unique opportunity to provide a trustless way to transfer an output to someone with a mint pass. 5.4M outputs have been rendered thus far. I am sure there will be way over 999 outputs worth minting.

Art Exhibitions

It is not decided yet what the details of this what look like but it states that it will occur.

Charitable Causes

It is not decided yet what the details of this what look like but it states that it will occur.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this project and its existence will live on for years to come. It makes me think about the possibilities within generative art. It is such a niche part of the art market at the moment but I truly believe it will have its own place in art history. Thank you to Tyler, Dandelion, and the Archipelago team for such an amazing project. Maybe it is time to take a break from circles now before they take over my world. Thank you for reading.

If you'd like to play with the algorithm you can find it here. Click 'Create' and start generating outputs.

All artworks are under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial 4.0 License

Credit: Tyler Hobbs, Dandelion Wist, Archipelago, and Hypemoon.

Lastly, a major shoutout to SDV and his curation "Sahara" on being picked as worthy of a day 0 QQL.

Check out some outputs curated by ImperfectLine (me), Cosmo, AmTwo, Monika, Onyedika, Imgreg, Spirouzi, Hal, and the rest of the crew.

Update: QQL mint passes sold out for 14ETH each.

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