Crush by Adam Parker Smith

by ImperfectLine

the hole
los angeles
adam parker smith

"Crush" is a show by Adam Parker Smith.

Currently showing at The Hole. The work is composed of numerous smaller sculptures, all in the style of classical Greco-Roman statues, which have been arranged into a larger block. The effect is that of a single, giant statue that has been squashed and compressed. Despite its size, Crush is a delicate and intricate work of art. Each of the smaller sculptures is unique, and they all contribute to the overall effect of the piece. The sculpture is both playful and serious, and it challenges our notions of what a statue can be. It is an excellent example of Adam's ability to take familiar objects and make them into something new and exciting. Crush is just one of many impressive sculptures by Adam Parker Smith. If you're a fan of his work, be sure to check out his other pieces such as "David" and "Cupid Triumphant."

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