Deborah Roberts Debuts Largest Works To Date

by ImperfectLine

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Deborah Roberts Second Solo Exhibition with Stephen Friedman Gallery

Deborah Roberts, one of the most celebrated collage artists working today, has debuted her largest artwork to date, with her gallery Stephen Friedman. The piece, entitled "excuse me while I kiss the sky" is a powerful and vulnerable portrait of a young black girl. The work references recent incidents of racism in the UK, including the case of Child Q, and highlights how systemic racism, gender politics, and western beauty standards shape the way black children grow up. Roberts' work is both powerful and poignant, offering a window into the lives of black children growing up in today's world.

This latest work is sure to cement her reputation as one of the most important artists working today. Roberts organizes her work with many different materials. She deconstructs these materials and places them strategically to form portraits. Combining these different methods of collage, Roberts will hand-paint features of the painting that embrace the Black identity.

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