Dmitri Cherniak, The Artist Behind Ringers

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Dmitri Cherniak, The Artist Behind Ringers

What does it mean to be an artist? This is a question that has been asked throughout history, and the answer is always changing. In today's society, many people would say that an artist is someone who creates something from nothing. They are the masters of their own universe, and their work expresses their innermost thoughts and feelings. But what happens when art is taken out of the hands of the artist? What happens when someone else takes control of the creative process? This is what Dmitri Cherniak explores through his generative artwork.

Generative art is a term that has been used to describe various types of code-based programs. These processes can range from simple rule-based systems that produce stochastic output, to more complex automated algorithms that generate new artwork. Regardless of the approach, generative art often relies on computers to do the heavy lifting, leaving the artist free to explore new creative possibilities. In many ways, Cherniak’s approach to Generative Art mirrors the way in which traditional artists have always worked - by experimenting with new techniques and tools to see what kinds of results they can achieve. The difference is that, instead of exploring the potential of paint, Cherniak is exploring the potential of code. In doing so, he hopes to challenge our preconceptions about what art is and who can create it.

Cherniak sees the act of automation as a creative process, and he uses systems and parameters to automate the generation of unique art pieces. Many people perceive automation as rote and boring, but Cherniak's goal is to create art that elicits the same emotions and reactions that viewers feel when viewing art that has been "generated" by hand. Generative art has the potential to democratize the art world, and Cherniak's pieces are a testament to the power of automation.

The collection that Dmitri is recognized for is called Ringers. From the surface, Dmitri describes the algorithm as, "wrapping a set of circular pegs in a grid with no intersections" which is clearly visible in each piece. Although, some Ringers relay a minimalistic vibe while others head towards the likes of geometric abstractionism. He explains in his Art Blocks Curated Interview that, "from a code and numerical perspective, it is much more complicated to get it right". One who has a full understanding of the algorithm may admire traits within the artwork such as:

  • Colors (red, blue, and green)
  • Peg Style (Bullseye)
  • Peg Count (Ranges from 3 to 55)

Ringers are one of my favorite algorithms within all of the generative art landscape. I admire Dmitri for his experimentation which is introduced many times after the release of Ringers.


You can find other interesting projects from Dmitri here:

Dead Ringers


The Eternal Pump


I am extremely excited about this project. As someone who thoroughly enjoys living with art, these gelatin prints look insane. I'm patiently waiting for the details and images to be released.

Light Years

I have a feeling we will see Dmitri's work in museums one day as his ability to think creatively and push boundaries within Art + Tech is extremely impressive. His work makes me think and question what I am actually looking at especially when he introduces some sort of game theory into the body of work. The depth and detail of the works are impressive and I advise everyone to analyze the collections as a whole rather than just one individual work.

Credit: Dmitri Cherniak, Art Blocks,

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