Organic Machines by Zond

by ImperfectLine

digital art
javascript and svg
computer generated art
generative art

Javascript and SVG string manipulation were used to create the stunning collection of digital art known as Organic Machines. Each piece is selected by Zond and created by a system of code, yielding an amazing fusion of angular edges and rounded curves. These pieces of art successfully convey a sense of motion, scale, and connection, as if they were all a part of a greater system. Stunningly beautiful!

The artworks in Organic Machines also have contrasting hard and fluid parts and bright, striking hues. These vibrant colors appear to dance and swirl around the canvas, adding to the impression of motion and flow. These pieces truly come to life when vibrant colors and dynamic shapes are combined, making them beautiful to look at. Each piece of art exudes the impression of being a vibrant, energetic living thing. Overall, Organic Machines' combination of vivid and muted hues and its fluid motion are just beautiful and add to the attractiveness of these amazing digital works of art.

Each Artwork will be minted as an ERC-721 by Zond

in a small collection of 24 pieces. SVG files will be claimable upon proof of ownership.

If your looking to learn more about the collection please navigate to Organic Machines

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