Auction: Christies presents Cartography of the Mind

by ImperfectLine

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Cartography of the mind: A Curated NFT Sale to Benefit MAPS

MAPS is a Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. The research has been ongoing since 1986. A stacked lineup of artists that have all donated amazing artworks went up for sale from June 21st - June 28th. Many of these artworks have outperformed their estimates, a good sign some would say. Although others would question the market validity of this auction due to the works and sales being donated. I still believe it is awesome to see these artists being promoted at one of the biggest auction houses.

Shoutout to Noah Davis on what I believe was his last auction with Christie's. Noah has been curating major auctions for our fellow digital artists and collections for over a year now. A big advocate for NFTs in the traditional world. Noah is moving on to join Yuga Labs as the Brand Lead for Cryptopunks.

The sale total ended at $1.56M, a great feat for the 27 participants. The artists that were included in this auction in order of lots presented were, Sam Spratt, Beeple, Archan Nair, Jake Fried, Fvckrender, Joshua Davis, IX Shells, Refik Anadol, Maxim Zhestkov, Mad Dog Jones, Victor Mosquera, Alex Grey, Six N Five, Andres Reisinger, Dustin Yellin, Tom Sachs, Elfjtrul of Forgotten Runes, WLOP, Maciej Kuciara, Justin Aversano, Sarah Meyohas, TooMuchLag, Brendan Dawes, Ash Thorp, Casey Reas, Dangiuz, and David Choe.

You can find lots 1-27 here.

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