CryptoPunk #2924 Sells for 4.5 Million on 9/28/2022

by ImperfectLine

larva labs
punk 2924

Two days ago, CryptoPunk #2924 set the record for the 4th highest sale in the collection amounting to 3,300 ETH or 4.5M. It is the highest sale for a punk with the 'Ape' attribute. CryptoPunks were a free claim in 2017.

CryptoPunks are one of the earliest examples of the ERC-721. Punks are the most powerful NFT to use for social identity in my opinion. The 'hoodie' trait is one of the most desired traits in the entire collection. The punk was sold by a notable collector named 'seedphrase' which adds to the provenance of the punk. This sale proves that no matter how bad the market conditions may be, highly valuable collectibles are still desirable. NFT volume has decreased nearly 97% since its peak which goes to show that CryptoPunks are in a league of their own. The cheapest CryptoPunk at the time of this writing is 87k. There has been 1.03B of Volume Traded in the lifetime of the collection.

You can look at Punks available for sale here.

Here are pictures of 0-7 attribute Punks I enjoy.

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