Deep Dive: The Decentralized and Permissionless Decaverse

by ImperfectLine


What is Deca?

Deca is led by a savvy collector who goes by the name of Bonafidehan. It is the needed social-infrastructure platform that will aggregate collectors, artists, and like-minded individuals within the NFT space. One can easily build a simple or freestyle gallery by connecting their wallet to the app. Furthermore, the Deca ecosystem begins with their free genesis NFT called the Octagon.

What is an Octagon?

The octagon is free to mint and will be the membership token to the entire ecosystem. I highly advise people experimenting with NFTs to try this out. It is easy to mint and you only have to pay gas which costs between $10-$20 at the moment. The octagon will have different levels of utility depending on the completion of short activities. The image and level will upgrade each time dynamically. You don't have to do anything, it will happen automatically.

What is Level 1 - Founder?

Level 1

  • L1 is what your NFT starts at upon minting the Octagon. This will act as a ticket to the private event hosted by Deca on Wednesday, June 22nd @ 7-9 pm EST. You must be registered to attend.
  • L1 also allowed you to enter a 'create a gallery' competition to win several rewards by Tyler Hobbs, Xcopy, and Erick Calderon.

Level 2

  • L2 gave you access to include text and different fonts within your gallery. This is great to include descriptions or explanations about the artwork you display.

Level 3

  • In order to get L3, you need to follow at least 10 people and be followed by 3 others.
  • This allowed the community to engage in the ecosystem with the intention to rank up their Octagon.
  • It gave me so many ideas and allowed people to share their creative galleries on their personal profiles.
  • Deca is starting to feel like a niche Instagram.

Level 4

  • Install Deca on your iPhone, Android, or browser.
    • I did this on my browser and I am constantly amazed at the generative art that is displayed every time I open a new tab.
  • Create a freestyle gallery. This allows you to use your creative juices and create whatever you want freely.
    • No more restrictions to a row of NFTs.
  • Invite a friend to enjoy Deca.
    • Your friend will need to be at L2 for this to qualify.
  • Alternatively, if your gallery receives 25 views you will also level up to L4 utility.
  • L4 will also allow you to react with emojis to galleries.

Level 5

  • React to 50 galleries.
  • Receive 15 emojis on a gallery.
  • Display a collection badge.
  • Invite 1 new user or get 50 views on a gallery.
  • Gives you access to color palettes to some of our favorite works by our favorite artists.

Founder Level

  • React to another 25+ galleries
  • Set PFP + banner on your profile
  • Add Deca profile to Twitter bio or have 50 followers
  • Invite 3+ people or follow 50+ people
  • Utility at this level will be announced at the event next week.

Key Takeaways

This is by far the most inviting and innovative project I have seen in a while. There are a decent amount of virtual gallery platforms but none have been this engaging. As a collector, I had no idea what the best approach was to display my NFTs. I always wanted a way to show them to my friends but it felt odd sending them my OpenSea profile. Deca is filling that void. Through amazing collaborations and a thriving community that is consistently engaged, I have a feeling Deca will be the platform that attracts the largest audience.

Secondly, the free-to-mint using dynamic NFTs was an amazing approach and I'd imagine this model will be duplicated many times over. I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a token-gated community formed through a paid mint in the future. I feel there will be a lot of demand for this to unlock even more exclusive access. Give people skin in the game and see how far they will go to support you.

Excited about the reveal of utility for the Founder Level and the future of Deca.

Check Deca out here.

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