Generative Portraits with Spongenuity

by ImperfectLine

bright moments
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Who is Spongenuity?

Samer Dabra, who goes by the pseudonymous name Spongenuity, is a visual generative artist that primarily focuses on integrating color theory and data into processes that output beautiful random portraits of a vast amount of people. He uses a multi-medium in order to get his message across whether that is digitally or physically using plotters or embroidery machines.

Spongenuity is an artist that is pushing the boundaries of traditional portraits. These portraits are stunning statically and flow through the creation process by being animated.

Self Portraits through Bright Moments

A unique offering to purchase work by Spongenuity is available in real-life at the Bright Moments gallery (13 SoHo Square in London). 100 generative works will be available at a price of 0.5 ETH each. With the purchase of the work, an A3 print will be generated at the event. The NFT will be transferred when all 100 portraits are completed.

Starting on June 20th, 20 Tokens from Spongenuity will be available weekly for the next 5 weeks.

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