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What is GODA?

Goda is using its upper-hand in the traditional art world to unlock the capabilities of what is possible in the Web3 world. They will assist, guide, and venture through the world of smart contracts and unique minting experiences to enable their artists to produce high-quality art via NFTs. In a space that is quite difficult to get a grip of, GODA will work hand in hand with some of the best contemporary artists.

How do I get involved with GODA?

The best way to get access to the first drop by Nina Chanel is to buy a mint pass here. This pass will give you full access to all upcoming drops in the future. We will have to wait for specifics but at the moment this is the most important NFT in the ecosystem. I am quite excited about this drop as I have been following Nina's career for a number of years now.

How many mint passes are there?


Remember: Do your own research when treading into any market or culture.

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